Sarcomere Dynamics Inc.

Sarcomere Dynamics

Founded 2019

Sarcomere Dynamics is a start-up robotics company in the Entrepreneurship at UBC Venture Building Program (e@UBC). We have developed a compact shape memory material actuator that is half the weight of similar DC motor actuators and provides twice the actuation force. This has allowed us to build stronger, yet lighter and more compact grippers.  


To demonstrate the versatility and capabilities of our SMM actuator design, we’ve built an 11 degree of freedom (DOF) robotic hand to validate our technology. We are currently developing our 23-25 DOF strong, fast, highly dexterous, lightweight, robotic hand which can be used wherever near-human hands are required.  Potential applications include R&D, humanoid robots, and tele-robotics. Other applications are still being investigated with potential partners.   


Sarcomere Dynamics’ in-house engineering and prototyping capability allows us to design and iterate our technology very quickly. We can design and build grippers from 2 fingers to five-plus fingers.  


To collaborate on projects or to discuss how our actuator technology can be adapted to your specific needs, please contact us at:  

Upon completing my Bachelor of Applied Science in Integrated Engineering in 2019, I decided to pursue a project that satisfied my passions for design and robotics. I set out to make a prosthetic hand from the ground up. Current prosthetics are plagued by a variety of issues, leaving amputees with much to be desired of these expensive devices.  After a year of testing, planning and development, I realized that fulfilling these desires was indeed achievable. However, our prosthetic was too dexterous for the myoelectric sensors that are conventionally used and the only main advantage we would have over our competitors would be our device weighing half as much.  

Watch the demonstration video of our current prototype the ARTUS LITE.

Instead of reducing the dexterity of our hand, we decided to pivot from prosthetic hands to a high dexterity robotic hand for humanoid robots, telerobotic operations and research. By developing our shape memory actuators for the robotics market we will be able to push the design and capabilities of our technology further enabling us to produce an even better prosthetic in the future.

I am fortunate to have the support of friends and family, who have been instrumental in mentoring and encouraging me to proceed with this venture.

My co-founders and I are excited about the journey we have embarked on with this venture. We invite you to join us as we leverage technological advances to help improve lives.

Thank you for your support.


Avtar Mandaher



To provide compact and versatile actuator technology to help build the next generation of robotics.  


To replace bulky and heavy robotics components with our proprietary shape memory material actuators to drive innovation and enable the development of next generation robotics.

Team Members

Avtar Mandaher


Harpal Mandaher


Nancy Mandaher