Sarcomere Dynamics Inc.

ARTUS Dex v1 holding light bulb

Sarcomere Dynamics

Replicating Human Functionality

We are bringing to market a near-human robotic hand for system integrators and manufacturers, who are dissatisfied with heavy, bulky, expensive, and low-dexterity end-effectors.

Our product is an agnostic robotic hand that provides near-human functionality. Using our proprietary actuator technology, we can provide our customers a compact, lightweight, strong, and highly dexterous robotic hand that matches human performance and functionality. Our customers can finally automate tasks that are too complex for conventional robotics

Our Goal

To replicate human functionality with an agnostic robotic hand

  • Same size as the human hand
  • Weight under 800 grams
  • Generate 3 kg force at the fingertips
  • 22 degrees of freedom
  • Constructed for industrial applications