Sarcomere Dynamics Inc.

Frequently Asked QuestIons

Why does sarcomere dynamics make robot hands?

Sarcomere Dynamics started the [email protected] program as a prosthetics startup. After further research and market analysis, it was concluded that generally, prosthetic devices offering better than 6 Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) in the hand were too much dexterity for an amputee to utilize through the universal adaptor. Advanced sensor systems are not readily available for amputees to make full use of the higher dexterity our hands offer.


Since our SMM (Shape Memory Material) Actuator technology allows us to significantly reduce the weight of the robotic hand, while offering higher dexterity and nearly twice the gripping strength, we decided to pivot our effort to produce the highest dexterity hand possible. 


Our ARTUS Dex Hand, will offer 23 to 25 DOF, weigh under 1 kg, provide a force of 3 kg per finger, with a speed of 1 Hz or better. The hand will be available for testing by June 2021. Watch for our demonstration video coming soon.  


The ARTUS Dex Hand will be for sale. In addition, we intend to market a variety of grippers, including custom designed products for our customers.   

What makes sarcomere dynamics unique?

Our team is driven by the pursuit of technology and the ambition to build the best robotic hands and grippers we can, using next generation actuation technology. Since DC motor actuators are bulky and heavy, we designed our own SMM (Shape Memory Material) actuators, which allow us to make compact, light, and highly dexterous robotic devices. The SMM allows us to make the actuators lighter and smaller and provide greater gripping strength. The nature of SMM allows us to incorporate force feedback and other sensors into the design.  

When can i buy a robotic hand?

We have robotic hands at three levels of dexterity undergoing testing: 6 DOF, 11 DOF, and 23 DOF. We will be able to ship these hands once the requisite testing is completed in 2021.   


Other grippers can be designed and produced on demand, starting Q3 2021. 


Please contact us for specifications, pricing, and delivery dates at:

are there any restrictions on the sale of you product?

Our main products are only available for sale in North America and Europe, for commercial, industrial, enterprise and research use. In addition to the three models offered, we can design and build hands to customer specifications. We can adjust for weight, dexterity, price and grip strength. Please contact us for design and delivery timelines at: 

Can your hands be used for prosthetics?

Given amputees can only make use of a 6 DOF hand with a universal connector, we had to redesign our 11 DOF hand (see the demo video).  


The redesigned 6 DOF hand will weigh about 310 grams with a universal adaptor. The hand has not yet been certified for use as a prosthetic. Currently, it is only available for direct purchase from Sarcomere Dynamics Inc. for commercial, industrial, enterprise, or research use.