Sarcomere Dynamics Inc.

The 3D Hand

to automate Dull, Dirty, and Dangerous tasks


Our entry-level hand for Dull, Dirty, and Dangerous tasks. This agnostic universal end-effector was built to automate complex industrial tasks not possible with conventional grippers. This compact, lightweight, high dexterity, robotic hand replicates human functionality, allowing the automation of tasks in dynamic environments.

All robotic hand models being developed by Sarcomere will be compatible with each other. Our customers can start to develop AI, ML, and kinematic models with the 3D Hand now; once the newer and more advanced hands are released, the data sets can be transferred to the new model for seamless operations.

Our goal is to build a near-human robotic hand by end 2024, matching the human hand in form factor, degrees of freedom (DoF), and strength, without the high weight and cost of conventional technologies.


Pick and Place

Pick and place automation in greenhouses, warehouses, and recycling. Ask us about our trial with greenhouse, warehouse, and manufacturing customers.


Ideal for tele-operations to provide precise, confident remote manipulation. Ask us about our autonomous systems trial for military applications.

Humanoid Robots

Our hands provide high dexterity functionality in a compact and lightweight end-effector, with strong practical grip strength (see specification chart).

Technical Information

System Overview

*   Speak to our engineers to customize for your unique needs

Mechanical Overview

Digits5 (4 fingers and 1 thumb)
Degrees of Freedom16 independant DoF and 4 under actuated DoF
Weight1.1 kg
Speed – Open/Close0.5 Hz
Strength – force at fingertips2.0 kg
Max Payload Capacity10 kg
MaterialsCarbon Fiber, Aluminum and Silicone
Power Supply12 volts DC, 120 watts
“Sarcomere’s 3D Hand is a rugged, capable hand designed for real work. We used their hand for a tele-operations project and are looking forward to working with Sarcomere on future projects to automate menial labor jobs in warehouses.”
Dr Faheem Khan, CEO
Aro Robotic Systems